Several people will collaborate in this project.

The proposed methodological approach combines mathematical modelling, Big Data analysis, epidemiology and health economics. While multidisciplinary by essence, this project requires field competencies from clinicians, microbiologists, and public health experts.

An advisory board composed of recognized experts from various fields will be in charge of validating assumptions, models and data. This board will also help identify potentially emerging threats and propose relevant strategies to control HAIs.

The advisory board will be steered by Pr. Pascal Astagneau (Partner 4) and will include Dr. Thierry Naas (CNR résistance aux antibiotiques), Pr. Bruno Lina (CNR grippe), Dr. Bruno Coignard (Santé Publique France), Pr. Arnaud Fontanet (Centre of Global Health Institut Pasteur) and Dr Daniel Benamouzig (CNRS / Sciences Po).

We have the project partners, PhD students and post-doctoral