Currently, Four PhD grants have already been obtained. And a funding two post-doctoral researchers.

Current  PhD Student:

  • David SMITH
    Thesis subject: Advance our understanding of the acquisition and transmission of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in the healthcare setting, and in particular to study the combined impact of within-host factors and population-level factors in the spread of AMR.

Past  PhD Students:

  • Audrey DUVAL
    Thesis subject: Tracing transmission of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in hospital based on proximity contact data. Understand better transmission and optimize control

  • Rania ASSAB
    Thesis subject: Multiscale modeling of the spread of resistant bacteria in healthcare settings
  • Narimane NEKKAB
    Thesis subject: Spread of hospital-acquired infections and emerging multi-drug resistant enterobacteriaceae in healthcare networks: assessment of the role of inter-facility patient transfers on infection risks and control measures.