Model realistic contact patterns and between-ward patient transfers

Task leader: Lulla Opatowski in collaboration with partner 1 (MESuRS), partner 2 (B2PHI) and partner 4 (CCLIN).

Within hospital wards and healthcare institutions, a large part of HAI acquisition in patients occurs through human contacts with health care workers (HCWs), other patients or visitors. Fully understanding the epidemiological process therefore requires a detailed description of the associated network of contacts.

The purpose of this task is to build an agent-based model of the spread of pathogens within hospital populations, based on our previous experience with the NosoSim and NosoLink models38, 68. We will construct a new model that will harmonize with the other models developed in this project in terms of computational language, and that will allow simulating in a very flexible way any contact network between individuals depending on HCW schedules, care organization and implemented control strategies.