TASK 2: BETWEEN HOSPITALS AND HEALTHCARE FACILITIES: modelling patient interactions and movements

Task leaders: Pascal Crépey & Laura Temime in collaboration with partner 1 (MESuRS), partner 2 (B2PHI)  , partner 3 (EHESP) and partner 4 (CCLIN).

Several recent modeling studies have underlined the necessity to take into account the links between different institutional settings and the community to plan efficient HAI control strategies [8, 9]. The French patient transfer network will be re-constructed and analyzed, using the national PMSI database, in which the entire hospital activity in France is recorded. So, in this task, we propose to study national and regional networks of healthcare facilities built from French patient transfers data, and to analyse HAI spread on these networks with network transmission models.

Our aim is to identify high-risk pathways along which hospitals are at higher risk of being contaminated through patient transfers. We will then be able to assess patients re-routing or hospital isolation strategies at the regional or national level in order to reshape the network to reduce its exposure.